Aboriginal Transitional Housing Outreach Service

Uniting Communities' Aboriginal Transitional Housing and Outreach Service, also known as Kurlana Tampawardli, - 'the New Houses on the Plains' - provides short term transitional accommodation and support to Aboriginal people from regional and remote Communities.

In addition to its central 24-hour service at Hendon including four separate units of accommodation and an onsite office, Kurlana Tampawardli accommodates and supports people in four outreach properties in Northern Adelaide.

Kurlana Tampawardli supports people who wish to return to community through the ‘Return to Country Program’.

Kurlana Tampawardli is a partnership between the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, Housing SA and Uniting Communities. Uniting Communites facilitates the service in partnership with Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (Salisbury Congress.)


To be eligible for Kurlana Tampawardli accommodation and support, people must fit the following referral criteria:

• Transient Aboriginal people from rural and remote communities who are sleeping rough in parklands and other locations;

• Transient and mobile Aboriginal people from rural and remote communities who are staying with friends and family in Housing SA properties, creating overcrowding and risk to tenancies;

• Transient and mobile Aboriginal people from rural and remote communities who seek assistance and support to safely ‘Return to Country’;

• Prioritisation will be given to families due to the nature of the accommodation and relevant risk to children.

How do you refer?

Kurlana Tampawardli accepts referrals from Government and Non-Government organisations, Homelessness Gateway Service, Domestic & Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway Service, Youth Gateway Service, family and friends as well as self-referral via our telephone number on (08) 8202 5610 and via H2H.

Admission must be pre-arranged.

Case Management

All clients in Kurlana Tampawardli’s Hendon and Outreach properties take part in intensive case management to ensure positive short term and long term outcomes for clients.

Kurlana Tampawardli refers clients where appropriate and negotiates case plans with other Homelessness services. This includes safe ‘Return to Country’.


Children presenting are considered and assessed as clients in their own right. All Kurlana Tampawardli staff are trained in child safe principles and take a child inclusive and child focused approach to working with families.


This service is free of charge, however those in short or long term housing will incur rental costs.

Opening Times: 

This is a 24-hour service.

(08) 8202 5610