Vision and Values

Our Vision

A compassionate, respectful and just community in which all people participate and flourish.

To achieve our Vision we will build strong and supporting communities to help people realise their potential and live the best life they can.

We will work to fulfil our Vision for South Australia through a commitment to:

  • encouraging people to make positive long-term changes in their lives
  • enabling individuals, families and communities to build positive community relationships
  • resident-centred aged care that is respectful of the individual and encourages community connectedness
  • ensuring people can overcome major challenges and avoid the need for future assistance
  • enabling people to live as independently as possible and be connected to others
  • embracing social enterprise as a way of doing business that has a positive impact on our community.

Our Purpose

To achieve our Vision for the South Australian community, we will build strong and supporting communities, and help people realise their potential and live the best life they can.

Our Values

Uniting Communities will treat all people with respect, with genuine interest and with understanding.

Uniting Communities believes:

  • that there is room for everyone
  • in making great things happen.

Our Services

Uniting Communities works with South Australians across metropolitan and regional South Australia through more than 90 community service programs.

We are made up of a team of more than 1500 staff and volunteers who support and engage with more than 20,000 South Australians each year.

Uniting Communities recognises that people of all ages and backgrounds will come across challenges in their life.

We offer professional and non-judgemental support for individuals and families.

Uniting Communities offers programs for:

  • older people
  • younger people
  • families & children
  • housing & crisis support
  • mental health & well-being
  • people with disabilities
  • carers
  • financial & legal services.

We also support community-led initiatives through small grants and community development.


Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Financial Report 2015/16