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Completing the child protection jigsaw

Abridged version published in InDaily, 6 September 2016. Over the past two years South Australia has experienced arguably its most extensive and far reaching examination of how it responds to the protection of children and young people through the auspice of the Nyland Royal Commission. It has produced an exhaustive report on the failings and […]

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services

Uniting Communities has made a contribution to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services through our peak UnitingCare Australia. ++++ Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services UnitingCare Australia has long believed that reforms increasing user choice are positive […]

Storm the Pokies

Uniting Communities is strongly supporting the call made jointly today, (Bastille Day) by Andrew Wilkie, Nick Xenophon and Rev Tim Costello for the new Australian Parliament to commit to practical and sensible gambling reform. They are committing to work for: “A ban on sports betting advertising during G-rated time periods. Both MPs will move resolutions […]

Fears for implications of aged-care funding cuts

Leading non-profit organisation, Uniting Communities, has expressed major concerns regarding funding cuts outlined for residential aged care by the Federal Government. Some $1.2 billion in cuts to aged care funding have been announced by the Government in the 2016-17 budget through the aged care funding instrument (ACFI). These cuts are targeted at the most frail […]

Amendments to APY Land Rights Act

This week Susan Tilley raised concerns with our State politicians regarding proposed amendments to the APY Land Rights Act.  Here is a copy of our correspondence with a link to the Paper Tracker website.   Good afternoon  I write regarding the proposed amendments to the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Act 1981.  The Anangu Lands Paper […]

A Fair Energy Future for SA

Electricity shouldn’t be a luxury item, but for a growing subset of South Australians the cost of using power is already out of reach. You only have to look at the numbers: last year 10,179 households in our state were disconnected from electricity for inability to pay. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone happy […]

Target: 80,000 Real Jobs

During this election campaign a major focus has rightly been given to jobs and economic growth that will lead to job creation.  It is critical that we understand the current labour force status in South Australia in order to have informed debate about what is needed.  A target of 80,000 real jobs in SA! More info […]

More to abuse than ‘sense of entitlement’

There have been recent discussion about children abusing their parents with expressions of shock and demands for urgent action to support parents. But if we are going to control this problem we are going to work out the root causes of this alarming trend. Please click here for editorial.

Online gambling a growing scourge on society

Around 200 world gambling experts are gathering in Auckland this week, the biggest threat on their minds is now online betting rather than the old bogey, poker machines. Gambling companies are using popular online games to lure young people into new forms of gambling to offset the dwindling popularity of poker machines. Uniting Communities South […]

Interview: Online sports betting

Online sports betting is growing rapidly around the world with the advent of smartphones. It is especially popular in second and third world countries. Mark Henley is from Uniting Communities in South Australia and he will be talking at the International Gambling Conference about sports betting and in particular consumer protection for sports gambling. He […]