New and emerging communities

People recently arriving in Australia, especially those who are refugees and have experienced trauma in the past, can face multiple difficulties including learning English, adapting to Australian culture, economic disadvantage, social isolation, dispossession, and suffering from loss and grief.

People in these new and emerging communities may also lack formal education, employment skills, knowledge of the services available to them, and face difficulties in maintaining their unique cultural practices and traditions.

The New and Emerging Communities Program works in the City of Playford and can help with these challenges. The program aims to reduce the impact they have on the health and wellbeing of the community, so people can build a sustainable life for themselves and their children in Australia.

The Program includes:

  • providing access to education and improving health and wellbeing
  • one-to-one appointments
  • referral to agencies that can provide support
  • informal sessions with Playford Council for parents to discuss and identify issues facing them
  • parenting sessions based on people’s needs
  • family fun events to connect emerging communities with the mainstream Australian community
  • events to celebrate and share culture

Eligibility Criteria

The Program is run in the City of Playford, and is open to anyone recently arriving in Australia and needing support.


This service is free of charge.

Contact Us

2b Morialta Drive, Smithfield SA 5114

0419 840 720 or 08 8202 5980

(Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)