Donate now and support our vital services.


A bequest in your will made to Uniting Communities is a lasting gift that ensures your passion for helping the community is sustained through the work of Uniting Communities. There are many options for leaving a bequest and your donation can be as considerable as you can afford.

For more information on leaving a bequest, please contact us on 1800 615 677 (free call).

Workplace Giving

Regular contributions from everyday people allow us to commit donations to ongoing services. Weekly deductions from your pre-tax wages, as little or as large as you can afford, mean you can support a good cause regularly, simply and efficiently. These donations are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office, meaning they are tax-free.

For more information on the easy steps taken to set up Workplace Giving, please contact us on 1800 615 677 (free call).

Memorial Giving

A Memorial Gift to Uniting Communities is a thoughtful and practical way to remember your relative or friend. A letter of personal condolences will be sent to the family member or significant other nominated to let them know that you have made a special donation in remembrance of their loved one so they can acknowledge that this passing can be an opportunity to help others.

This donation is tax deductible. For more information on donating a Memorial Gift, please contact 1800 615 677 (free call).


Goodwill stores have been providing affordable, quality recycled clothing to the community since 1952.  As well as donating clothing and necessities to those in need, Goodwill has raised substantial funds which have been supporting Uniting Communities services for many years. Goodwill is always in need of donations, particularly children’s clothing, menswear, larger sized womenswear, linen and blankets.  Please contact (08) 8202 5070 for your nearest collection recycler site and deposit any unwanted clean and quality items.