Men who want to make our public spaces safe for women should head down to Pitt Street Adelaide today and get their photos taken for a street launch of the online campaign Rise Above the Pack, developed by the YWCA and supported by Uniting Communities.

The YWCA have found that 59% of women don’t feel safe in public events or on our streets at night and developed this campaign and the associated training to teach men how to safely intervene to challenge, stop or head off sexism, harassment and violence.

Rise Above the Pack has been designed as an online campaign but Uniting Communities believes it deserves a physical launch to help it take off and attract more men to join the cause.

“We are taking this action because many women do not feel safe in public events and spaces or on the streets of the CBD and that must change” said Uniting Communities CE Simon Schrapel.

“All men must be prepared to accept responsibility for women’s public safety. Unless men acknowledge the issue and are prepared to challenge harassment and sexism in the community then we are part of the problem” Mr Schrapel added.

“YWCA Adelaide is thrilled Uniting Communities is holding this event as it demonstrates the intention of the campaign – for people in their own workplaces, homes and communities to pick up the message of the project and to keep the conversation going,” said YWCA Adelaide Communications and Engagement Manager Chelsea Lewis.

“Uniting Communities is absolutely committed to the ending of violence against women” Uniting Communities Group Manager Dan Moss said. “We provide counselling services to support both victims of domestic violence and perpetrators who want to change. But we know that the best way to prevent violence is to change the culture that encourages or excuses it. That’s why we are also in the process of becoming an accredited White Ribbon workplace.

“And that’s why we are proud to support the YWCA with this excellent initiative.”

Launch details Tuesday 26th May, 11.30am to 2.00pm –

The launch will be formally opened at 11.45am.

Held at Uniting Communities on the corner of Franklin and Pitt Street in the City, participants will be invited to upload their photo and offer an on-line message of support.