With our long-time commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, Uniting Communities welcomes today’s announcement that the majority of Australians support marriage equality. We are proud to have been among the many organisations around the country who pledged their support in 2016 for a change to the Marriage Act 2004 to allow same-sex couples to marry.

As we celebrate this result, we also recognise the impact this survey has had on members of the LGBTIQ community. In addition to offering our support at an organisational level, we reiterate that Uniting Communities provides a number of services for people seeking assistance, including Lifeline Adelaide and a range of counselling and mental health services.

Although this is very encouraging step forward, we acknowledge that there are still challenges ahead as the new legislation is debated in Parliament. We stand beside the LGBTIQ community in solidarity as we await the speedy implementation of the outcome of the postal vote. As this process unfolds we also ask that compassion be shown for all people and in all communications, irrespective of the position our fellow citizens may have taken on this issue.

Simon Schrapel
Chief Executive