Uniting Communities has concerns about the above Bill currently before the Parliament which attempts to mandate treatment from non-compliant drug addicted young people. Dependence on alcohol and other drugs is a chronic relapsing health condition.

While Uniting Communities’ welcomes the government’s good intentions to deal with a difficult problem of concern to a small but significant group of families, given the complexity of the issue it is imperative that there is prior consultation with those directly involved in the delivery of services in the drug and alcohol treatment sector. Such a consultative approach would require the government to meaningfully engage with the treatment sector and our colleagues with expertise in youth mental health, family relationships, child welfare, education and child wellbeing to design a system that meets the needs of the young people, families and communities, that this Bill is intended to help prior to enacting legislation.

For the full text of this response click here: Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Bill 2016 Members of Parliament