Uniting Communities considers the NDIS to be an excellent scheme in the making, but as a market based scheme, it is an incomplete market. We show that a majority of criteria generally accept as pre-conditions for effectively competitive markets do not apply to the NDIS and mental health services in South Australia, at the moment. This is part of the context for this Inquiry and we state that the current market failures mean that additional government intervention is crucial, at least in the short term, to mitigate the impacts of market failure, particularly for more vulnerable consumers needing mental health services.

Access to the NDIS should be a positive experience and for some people it is, however accessing the NDIS is also causing harm/distress for other individuals. Specialist staff who understand and support people with a psychosocial disability in addition to appropriate access and planning pathways are needed.  The data suggests that currently less than a half of eligible people, with mental health needs have a plan and only about 55% of plans are being activated in South Australia.

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