Submission to the Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems, South Australia

Uniting Communities believes that the protection of children is everyone’s business. Whilst much of the recent public focus has been on shortcomings of our child protection authorities, any lasting improvement will require much more than reform of these systems. Uniting Communities submission to the Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems calls on a complete re-think into how… 

The real effect of rising utility bills on South Australians

Uniting Communities featured in a story on Channel 9 about the ‘photo voce’ exhibition we supported at the State Library in December 2014.  The exhibition included images from people on low incomes, showing how bill stress affects their lives. [layerslider id=”2″][layerslider id=”2″]

Seeing Energy Stress

Rising Energy Costs: Empowering or Disempowering to Consumers? While there has been much said about the impacts of rising electricity costs over recent years, many people find it difficult to talk about it and are often not even consulted. So the University of SA, Uniting Communities and SACOSS have asked some lower income energy consumers to… 

Inquiry into Mental Health in the Workplace: Preventing Suicide

Uniting Communities is pleased to provide a submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Occupational Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation’s inquiry into Mental Health in the Workplace: Preventing Suicide. In this submission we draw on published evidence to highlight the link between work and suicide and make a case for suicide awareness and intervention training. Suicide awareness… 

Colleen the Caravan makes her television debut

Colleen the Caravan, a beautifully restored 1950s vintage bondwood caravan, featured in the news after travelling the streets of north-eastern Adelaide, hosting tea parties and bringing people together. Read more about Colleen and watch the 7.30 Report story.