When health, age or mobility become a concern, you may decide to look at options for supported care.

Our Aldersgate and Murray Mudge aged care residences offer quality support and accommodation to help you maintain a high quality of life. You can enjoy regular outings, group and individual activities, and on-site church services. Family and friends are always welcome to visit, and there is also the chance to form friendships with other residents.

The My Aged Care site contains more information about aged care, as well as the government support available.


Aldersgate at Felixstow

Established in 1944, our Aldersgate residence in Felixstow is home to 115 people. Our priority is to make you feel at home and provide the support you need to continue enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle.

The residence is based around the historic Forsyth House, which is set within landscaped gardens and surrounded by nine houses and cottages.

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Murray Mudge at Glenelg

Murray Mudge has provided accommodation and care for older people since 1968, and is currently home to 66 people.

Set in its own gardens, close to the centre of Glenelg and a short distance to the beach, Murray Mudge is a warm and welcoming place for you and your loved ones. It offers comfortable, modern and well-appointed rooms for couples and for individuals.

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