Home Care Packages can help you to maintain your independence, health and wellbeing at home. Together, we will work out the best type of support for you, which could include domestic assistance, transport, shopping and personal care. We can also support you if you are experiencing mental health issues.


Home Care Packages

You may want some help with managing your day-to-day household tasks, your personal or medical care, or you might want support to maintain contact with your family and friends. You can tailor a home care package to meet your needs.

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Commonwealth Home Support Program

The service provides help with activities and tasks that have become difficult to do without assistance due to age, frailty or disability. With this support, you are supported to continue living at home, maintaining your independence and participating in your community.

Our team can work with you to arrange care services and support that best suit your needs.

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Private Care Services

The Private Services program is fee-for-service home support that provides people with the care they need to maintain their lifestyle at home. We offer services to people with basic, complex and multiple needs and people at risk of hospital admission.

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Veterans Home Care Services

These services ensure that veterans and war widows or widowers can maintain optimal health, wellbeing and independence at home.

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Support for older people experiencing mental illness

The Southern and Northern Supported Recovery program can help older people who are experiencing mental illness to increase their independence and enhance their quality of life.

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